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  • Have you recently questioned your sexual identity?
  • Are you questioning/ considering changing your gender?
  • Have you known for a while that you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender or gender non-binary but feel anxious or confused about what to do next?
  • Are you out to your closest friends, but still in the closet at work and/or with family?
  • Are fears and anxieties keeping you trapped?
  • Do you feel isolated in your experience?
  • Do you wonder how and when to tell your children, parents, friends, or co-workers?
  • Are you experiencing stress navigating between your identity  and what you, your family, religion, or culture believes about being LGBTQAI+?
  • Do you need support for yourself, or your relationship, but find your friends and family less than supportive?
  • Are you seeking a relationship therapist who understands LGBTQAI+ issues?
  • Are you seeking a relationship therapist who is sex positive, kink positive, polyamory positive and sex worker allied? 
  • Are you dealing with homophobia/oppression from family, friends, society, or your self?
  • Are you a family member or spouse of someone who is LGBTQAI+ and want support yourself?
  • Are you living your life as a lesbian woman, gay man, bisexual, transgender or gender non-binary person, but need support from someone who understands your perspective and unique concerns?

 These are all common concerns and needs among members of the LGBTQAI+ community - you aren't alone!   

I specialize in LGBTQAI+ therapy and I have additional specialization in working with gender and identity issues and members of the Transgender and NB communities. I know how often the intersections between issues like systemic oppression, identity issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, aging, trauma, personal isolation, relationships, intimacy, sex, HIV, and survivor issues can affect our lives and influence how we take in new experiences.

 I offer a safe, gentle, non-judgmental and compassionate space for my clients to find solid ground in the midst of overwhelming emotions, heal from old wounds and traumas, explore ways to break old cycles and create more pleasurable, satisfying and healthy lives and relationships.


Come as you are!


I offer therapy for individuals, families and groups as well as relationship counseling for relationships in any configuration! Non-Traditional, Polyamorous, Open Marriage, Kink affiliated? You are all welcome here My office is large enough for you to bring the whole polycule! My waiting room is private and child friendly.



My therapeutic "type" is culturally sensitive, trauma informed, compassionate and identity-affirming. I offer individual, family & relationship therapy from a feminist, egalitarian, social justice informed perspective utilizing both traditional "talk therapy" and non-traditional modalities like expressive arts therapy, sand tray therapy and play therapy ( it's good for adults too!)


I welcome clients of all gender presentations, stages of transition or non-transition, sexual orientations, national or ethnic origin, age or disability (be it physical, sensory, intellectual or psychiatric) religious backgrounds and community affiliations. All are welcome here!