Robert N. Wolf, LMFT, CCTP

Hello and welcome! 

       This page is normally reserved for a fairly dry recitation of what amounts to the therapist's resume.  If  you'd like to check out my credentials, you can find them on the Curriculum Vitae page. I use this space to 

    let you know a little bit more about who I am and what I'm like as a therapist.        

         So what's it like to actually work with me? Well to begin with I'm a deeply empathetic, caring and compassionate person. I was always like this - as a little boy I never met a stray animal I didn't want to take home and love (which is probably why my household resembles the set of "Dr. Doolittle" today). 

This is just how I'm wired - I have always wanted to help others. I believe I was created this way specifically to serve others, to help people heal and be comforted, rest and recover from the injuries and traumas life bestows on so many of us. 


  I offer my clients a safe, gentle, encouraging and caring environment where you know that you'll be valued and accepted - exactly as you are, however you are. My therapy is gender and sexual identity affirming, culturally sensitive and grounded in social justice philosophies. I welcome clients who are neurodiverse, gender-diverse, from a variety of populations,  regardless of whether these identities are topics of exploration. 


 I respect that you are  the expert in your own life - I'm just a visiting consultant. I view my  role in your journey as an experienced guide, not the navigator or co-pilot. I have studied to gain knowledge and worked to gain skills to help us on the paths ahead, but it's  your journey and you are the one who gets to decide which path works best for you! 


       I hope you've found this useful as a  snapshot of who I am and how I am as a therapist. If you'd like more information, I encourage you to call me (925) 808-9032 or email me: counselingwolf@gmail.com

Additionally, look for me in the community! I hope to have a calendar up soon which will let you know where you can find workshops and speaking engagements if you'd like to see me in person. 

Thank you for coming by! 

I wish you the very best of everything life has to offer,