Robert N. Wolf, LMFT, CCTP

Hello and welcome! 

       This page is normally reserved for a fairly dry recitation of facts and the posting of a therapist's curriculum vitae. To be perfectly honest, as someone who's been on both sides of the couch (both as a client and as a therapist) I don't think that's particularly useful to someone trying to figure out whether that therapist is right for them. Instead, I use this space to let you know a little bit more about who I am and what I'm like as a therapist.        

        To begin with  I am a profoundly kind and empathic person and I've been this way my entire life. I was the little boy who put sand dollars back in the ocean and never met a stray animal I didn't try to take home (hence, as an adult, I have 2 dogs and 3 cats).  I believe I was called by a higher power to do this work and created specifically for this. I am passionate about serving people, mental health and healing and I truly believe that I have the best job in the world. That's just my humble opinion! 

        My therapeutic philosophy is integrative, prescriptive and informed by optimism tempered with pragmatism. I believe in meeting and joining with the person in front of me to figure out ways to heal and grow that are going to work in their real lives,  rather than trying to fit the person into some pre-formatted treatment plan that aligns with a single theoretical approach.  

      To do this, I've spent a great deal of time and effort to get training in a variety of approaches that range from traditional talk therapies to less traditional therapeutic models like experiential arts therapy, somatic therapy, play therapy and sand tray therapy. If one modality isn't working for a client, I work cooperatively with them to help us find a way of working that will get them where they need to go! 

        My graduate training was as an Integrative/Holistic therapist, which (in my case) means that my training emphasized a balance between Western psychology and Eastern philosophical and spiritual practices. It's funny that when I started my training back in 2004, these were seen as "fringe" therapeutic models and now Mindfulness Based Psychology is very much moving into the mainstream.  Because it works! 

      I bring Mindfulness based influences to my therapeutic practice and utilize them personally to stay centered and spiritually grounded. I do this from a distinctly neutral perspective - which means that I respect everyone's right to pursue (or not pursue) their spiritual life in whatever ways work for them. If you are Christian, a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Pagan or an Atheist - your beliefs are supported and respected here. 

      Likewise, I am strongly informed by a personal belief in and commitment to social justice. I welcome all people - all faiths, all cultural identities,  all gender identities, all ethnic origins, all ability levels, all ages, all stages of life, all sexual orientations, all ...however you are in the world, you are welcome here. 


    Finally, as I believe this is relevant to what I bring to the table as a Marriage and Family therapist, I am a proud father to a 24 year old who is on the Autism Spectrum. I have two adult nieces whom I helped to raise and I have been married to the same person for (wow, this math is a little mind blowing) 26 years. 

      This means that  I fundamentally get some of the more challenging aspects of parenting, being in a long term relationship and navigating personal changes and role shifts over the years. I have been there, done that and continue to do so. 

     Two of my main passions as a therapist are working with children (and families) and working with LGBT+ clients. 


     So, this is a snapshot of who I am and how I am as a therapist. If you'd like more information, I encourage you to call me (925) 808-9032 or email me: counselingwolf@gmail.com

Additionally, look for me in the community! I hope to have a calendar up soon which will let you know where you can find workshops and speaking engagements if you'd like to see me in person. 

Thank you for coming by! 

I wish you the very best of everything life has to offer,